Affordable On-page SEO for Small Businesses

Introducing our affordable Search Engine Omptimisation service for small/medium businesses. 

Specialising in WordPress SEO, we offer affordable, professional on-page search engine optimisation from our WordPress experts. Save time and money and get Search Engine Optimisation for your website!

Title Tag Optimisation

We’ll optimise up to 5 page titles so they are more meaningful to search engines.

Meta Description Optimisation

We’ll ensure up to 5 page descriptions are the correct length and are fully optimised for the best search results.

Keyword Optimisation

Your affordable SEO includes optimisation for up to 2 keywords.

Simple SEO

Image Title Optimisation

Tell search engines what your images are – up to 10 title optimisations.

Image Description Optimisation

Describe your images to search engines! 10 image optimisations included.

Image Alt-text Optimisation

Help search engines understand what an image is about. 10 alt-text optimisations included.

Site Speed Optimisation

Optimise your site for faster load times.

Sitemap & Robots.txt

Checking of your Sitemap and Robot.txt file.

Broken Links

Get a detailed broken link report.


Have your website submitted to Google.

Why We Do Affordable On-page SEO

We’ve been designing WordPress websites for a long time and performing Search Engine Optimisation on them. With our affordable SEO, we’ve made some decisions for you based on good SEO practice. This lets us perform SEO tasks more quickly and efficiently. If you’re willing to be flexible then it’s a great deal!

Affordable SEO Pricing

We’ve provided affordable SEO to make your search engine optimation more affordable for you.  To make it even more affordable we offer two payment options.

If you want to add more features simply get in touch and we’ll advise you on what’s possible.

Affordable SEO Option 1

$ 595 / one-off
  • Pay a 50% deposit
  • Then pay the other 50% in 1 weeks time when the SEO work is complete

Affordable SEO Option 2

$ 110 / month
  • Pay a deposit of $150
  • Then $110/month for 5 months
  • (Any chosen additional features will increase the deposit and monthly cost)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve designed Affordable SEO for people who need affordable professional search engine optimisation and are flexible about their exact requirements. The quality of the SEO work will be just as good as a bespoke SEO service, but it’s much more affordable.

Affordable SEO is right for you if:

  • You need important but straightforward SEO work carried out
  • You are willing to be flexible about the exact work that will be carried out to avoid having to pay for a much more expensive SEO service

The price includes all of the things mentioned above.  We’ll also check back with you after 6 weeks to see how your search rankings are working out.

Affordable SEO is a one-off professional SEO service. This allows us to carry out the SEO work on your website for such an affordable price. This means that you have less control over what work we actually do.

This isn’t necessarily a problem because we have skilfully designed our affordable search engine optimisation package to include all the main elements that most people expect and they include SEO best practice. However, if you have very specific ideas and aren’t prepared to compromise then it may not be suitable.

Only the tasks listed above are included in the initial SEO work.

You can pay separately for additional tasks.  There is no limit to the number of extra items you can add.

You have two choices available for you to pay for your website –

  1. Pay the cost of the work in full at the start of the project work is complete.
  2. Pay a $150 deposit then spread the rest of the cost of the work over 5 months.  There will be an additional fee added if you decide to go with this option.

Once you decide to go ahead, you will need to provide us with what specific items on your website you want us to work on.  This includes pages, posts and images.  You will also receive an email from us with a link asking you to make payment for the service.

Our WordPress SEO experts will then complete the work for you based on accepted SEO good practice.  Once the work is complete we will submit your website again to Google and Bing so they can crawl the changes we have made.

At the moment we don’t offer monthly SEO packages but it is something that we will be adding to our portfolio in the coming months.

The work carried out will be supported and maintained by Urban Cloud Web Design. We offer a 24 hour, 365 days ticket based technical support service for any technical issues that cause problems for your website.

For other support matters, We will provide up to 1 hour of free support during the process of carrying out the search engine optimisation. Any further support once the work is complete will be billed separately.

Our standard rate for support is $80 per hour (minimum billable period of half an hour), or if you need regular support then we can offer a discounted rate. We will always tell you in advance if any support you request will be chargeable.

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